Top 5 Luxury Limousine Models

Top 5 Luxury Limousine Models

With the world being as diverse and awesome as it is, everyone’s grabbing a fat slice of their own American Pie. And while they were few and far between in the past, today’s scene is full of Billionaires, Powerful politicians, A-list celebrities, Executives and literally Kings so wealthy you just wouldn’t believe it if we told you. Of course, with money automatically comes the need for insane custom luxury levels that 99 percent of the world only dreams of. So if you’re in the top richest 1 percent and want the ultimate form of ground transportation for whatever occasion, here are the top 5 luxury limousine models that you need to buy; yes, all of them. What, did you think you were shopping for a single limo?

5: Maybach Landaulet

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Ah yes, the stylish, unique and over the top Maybach Landaulet. Sure, this may not be exactly a stretch limo, but it does have a roomier interior that’s based on their 1920 limo model. And besides, every Billionaire needs a regular errand car, am I right? Apart from the 612 hp bi-turbo V12 engine, the Landaulet boasts of luxurious gold flecked granite inlays that take the cost to well over $1 million. And as if this beauty wasn’t luxurious enough, Maybach went ahead and covered the entire interior with butter soft white leather and a retractable roof to let some air and sunshine in.

4: Rolls Royce Phantom Limo

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There’s no denying it; whether it’s their stock cars or top shelf limos, Rolls Royce is a global leader when it comes to snobbish levels of opulence. Boasting of a 6.8 liter 432 hp V12 engine, this stunning beauty is based on one of the world’s most expensive cars. Apart from impeccable styling and never-ending comforts that make this Phantom worth almost 4 million dollars, it’s actually bullet proof and contains a full-sized office for work on the go. The Phantom limo is quite popular and has been used to chauffeur some of the world’s most prominent political leaders and dignitaries.

3: Hummer SUV Stretch Limo

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Now that we’ve got work out of the way, let’s add something fun and showy to your collection. SUVs are without question the kings of the road. Not only do they have enough power to go anywhere, but they have more than adequate room to comfortably host guests. This $4 million Hummer SUV limo is perfect for making a statement when you pull up in the club, when you want to party, host or attend a casual event. Apart from the plush, a custom designed leather interior that can seat over 30 of your closest pals and associates, the Hummer limo features scissor doors, TVs, VIP lounge, overhead party lighting, dance floors and a fully stocked bar to keep the party going.

2: Cadillac One (The Beast)

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Hey, we don’t know who you pissed off or stepped over to get to where you are – that’s your business. Whether you’re a controversial A-List politician or a no nonsense charging CEO, it’s quite normal to come across people with not-so-friendly intentions. For others, private security is the ultimate form of luxury; and which vehicle is more secure than the USA’s Presidential limo? Now, while some of the features on the Beast are highly classified, we all know the car is packed with a ton of guns and firepower as well as a heavily armored exterior. The interior is also quite lavish. After all, it is a Cadillac limo custom designed for the most powerful man on the planet.

1: Custom Limo from Chrysler, Rolls, and Maybach

Image result for Sultan of Brunei’s Silver Spur limo To wind off our list are the top 3 models that give their customers some of the best personalized limousines in this part of the galaxy. From Chrysler’s, plush and modern interiors all the way to some of the most luxurious top-down limos from Maybach, there’s nothing these guys can’t do. As for a custom Rolls Royce, you could draw inspiration from the Sultan of Brunei’s Silver Spur limo that is covered in pure 24 karat gold that spikes the cost to over $14 dollars and has an extended roof on the open back for his majesty to be seen by his subjects. It all comes down to your personal taste and what features you want.

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