Top 10 Wedding Limo Rental Tips

Top 10 Wedding Limo Rental Tips

Weddings and limousines go hand in hand. If you want to ride in style, comfort as well as have an unforgettable experience on your wedding day, you should really consider a wedding limo rental. But how do you make sure you get the best limo service possible given the fact that there are very many wedding limo services out there today most of which don’t deliver as promised. To answer your question, below are top 10 wedding limo rental tips to consider.

  1. Plan ahead

This goes without saying. You should plan for your wedding limo rental as much as you plan for other wedding activities. It’s worth noting that limousines can be tricky to rent. Since they aren’t as common as other vehicles, you need to make reservations early. This means you need to have a wedding date in place as well as other important information like your preferred wedding route and itinerary. You need to know where you will be picked up, dropped off, how long you will use/need the limo, number and location of stops, the kinds of extras you will need in the limo, etc. Planning is a critical aspect of getting the best wedding limo rental experience. You need to know everything there is to know before you contact your preferred limo rental company.

  1. Ensure you are dealing with a registered/professional limo rental company

This also goes without saying. You must make sure you are dealing with a legitimate limo rental company before you start making inquiries. Legitimate companies have all the necessary requirements to conduct business. Considering this tip will protect you from obvious risks of dealing with illegal companies. For instance, a legitimate limo rental company has qualified drivers and well-maintained vehicles. The company also has all the necessary insurance coverage. Ascertaining the legitimacy of a limo rental company is easy. You can check the company’s website information and confirm with relevant business registration bodies depending on where you live.

  1. Be creative

A wedding limo will definitely stand out but don’t settle for standard services if you are looking to get the best experience possible. For instance, most people settle for traditional white stretch Lincoln limousines for weddings. Don’t be afraid to choose something else i.e. a vintage limo or Rolls Royce limo. There are very many types of limousines today most of which are perfect for weddings. Be creative, turn more heads and make your day more memorable.

  1. Think of others too (Hire more than one limo if possible)

Typically, wedding limousines are reserved for the groom and bridal teams. To have an even better wedding limo rental experience, you need to think of your close family and friends as well. This may call for an extra limo rental, however, you are guaranteed of sharing a special once-in-a-lifetime experience with your closest family members and friends.

  1. Ask as many questions as possible

This is another top wedding limo rental tip to consider. If you don’t want to get standard wedding limo rental services, you need to find out everything from the type and color of limousine you should expect to the carrying capacity and extras. You should also ask about extra costs, timelines, etc. Different limo companies offer different services so it is important to find out exactly what you should expect.

  1. Negotiate (for more than price)

You should also negotiate as opposed to accepting standard rates. Most limo rental companies are willing to give discounts to clients who ask for them. Chances are you won’t get a discount if you don’t ask for one. Negotiations should also go beyond pricing i.e. for extras as well. If your preferred wedding limo rental company is not willing to give you a significant discount, make sure you get exactly what you want or more in extras. You can also negotiate for a waiver of waiting fees among other fees that may be applicable.

  1. Avoid middlemen

The limo rental business has middlemen like most businesses so make sure you are dealing with a company directly. This tip is very important when you want a unique limo and/or you aren’t sure your preferred limo company owns the limo you want. In most cases, limo companies borrow limousines they don’t have from other companies. By acting as middlemen, they raise the cost, and you end up paying more. You should never pay more than you have to for anything including a wedding limo rental so make sure you are dealing with a limo company that actually owns the limo in question.

  1. Get a contract

You also need to get everything in writing. It won’t mean much if you negotiate and fail to get a signed agreement. Contracts are great for legal protection in case of anything. Whether you are dealing with a legitimate limo rental company or not, you need to have a contract to legally bind the limo company and ensure everything goes on smoothly and in case of anything, you have leverage.

  1. Focus on value

Although cost is a crucial factor in wedding planning, you need to focus on value first if you want value for your money. You should focus on getting the best limo rental service at the best price possible. Wedding limo rentals are like everything else, there are different price points for different service levels. There is nothing wrong with having a budget, however, focus on the type of experience you want first and then weigh your options making sure you settle for the best services for your budget.

  1. Don’t forget to check online reviews

Finally, you need to check what former clients are saying about the wedding limo rental company you want to choose before you make your final decision. Online reviews let you know what it’s really like to use certain services before you commit yourself. Good wedding limo rental companies have countless positive reviews. They may have some negative reviews, but the overall experience is positive.

It’s important to beware of fake reviews when using this tip. Focus on verifiable reviews otherwise you won’t get an accurate picture of what it’s like hiring a particular company.

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