About Us

When we first formed our company, we only had one goal in mind: to provide our customers in Chicago with the best possible experience when they ordered a limo. Providing a limousine service in such a major and important city is something we are very proud to have achieved. Over the past few years, we have also taken great steps to increase the size of our business. When we started, we only had a few cars and an equal number of employees. But now we are proud to own and operate hundreds of vehicles, while we have as many employees working to transport our customers from one place in Chicago to another.

We are well aware of the quality and level of service our customers are seeking when they place an order with us. They are not looking for another taxi service, and they are not looking for substandard service. And it is our pleasure to not only meet their expectations, but to exceed them. When a customer orders a limo through our service – whether it is online or over the phone – we do everything in our power to ensure they are provided with the best possible experience. Our employees are always courteous, on time and able to provide transportation to any location in and around Chicago.

Accolades are not something we boast about, but they are a means to showcase the hard work every single one of our employees puts in on a daily basis. With that said, we are extremely proud to have won awards such as the “Chauffeur of the Year,” along with “Best Transportation Vendor.” These awards show how impressed our customers are when they ride one of our limos, SUVs and regular passenger vehicles. And in the coming years, we hope to impress and satisfy our customers even more.