When to Request A Limousine Service

When to Request A Limousine Service

Sometimes there is confusion among our customers about when it makes sense for them to request a limousine service, or when they are better off calling a taxi. With this article, we will attempt to clear up some of the confusion. Even though we are happy to service our customers whenever they need a ride from one spot to another, we can understand why they would want some specifics about when our service makes the most sense. With that in mind, here is a look at three situations where it makes complete sense to request a limousine service.


  1. Airport Transfers

If you are planning on going to the airport in the coming days to catch a domestic or international flight, and you do not want to take your own car, requesting a limo is the most luxurious, comfortable and reliable way to travel. When you call a cab, they may show up on time or 30 minutes late. It will result in your entire journey to the airport feeling rushed and unnecessarily stressful. In contrast, when you book 24 hours in advance, one of our drivers will arrive at your location 10 or 15 minutes BEFORE your trip is scheduled to begin. We want to make sure you have the most comfortable and relaxing experience if you are traveling to O’Hare, Midway or any of the other private airports in the Chicago area.

  1. Business Events

If your company is hosting a few employees from another business, or you are having an annual conference where many members of your company are attending events in the city, you may want to request a limo for some of the evening events. It is a lot easier to get multiple people to one location if you have a fleet of limos or SUVs to do the job, instead of having to hail taxis or call Ubers for everyone. In addition, our classy fleet of vehicles will ensure all your employees are riding and arriving at their destinations safely and in style.man

  1. Special Occasions

Whether it is for a trip to your high school prom, a wedding reception or another special event, we are more than happy to provide limos, party buses, SUVs, sedans or other vehicles for your transportation needs. The last thing you want to do is travel to your high school prom or wedding in your regular car. Not only will you have to worry about parking, but you may want to drink at the event, which would present a problem when you need to get back home. But when you contact our company for limousine services, we can schedule both ends of your journey without a problem. Not only will you ride in luxury, but you will feel a peace of mind knowing our limo will be outside at the designated time when you are ready to go home.

In each of these circumstances, there are serious advantages to hiring a limousine service over any other type of transportation provider.

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